Welcome to Winter’s World

Hey, sweetie! I’m Justine Winter, a writer and hybrid author, and proud owner of an Aston Martin DB10. Oops, one of these things might be a lie. . . I know, it’s my name. . .

I’m officially a proud owner of a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, and continue to navigate the book world in its entirety – from self-pubbing to traditional. I’ve been writing in the Fantasy/Paranormal genre for a good few years, dipped my toes in Romance, and now I’m venturing into Crime, preparing to submit to literary agents – there’s just no stopping me when it comes to this business.

I’m also Deputy Director of Little Bird Publishing House, and Chapter.Con 2019, as well as Junior Partner of Write Away Retreats.

I love food. Hate coffee. Gobble up books like they’re oxygen. Often geeky, always funny – my dad jokes will go down in history. And I’m currently dividing my time between living in South West Wales and London.

Come find me on social media; I love a good chat.