Let the story unfold…

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a dream as big as the moon…


OK,  let’s  start  again.

*Clears  throat*  I’m a new writer gearing  up to break into the publishing world.  I’ll be posting snippets of my previous work and current projects for you to read, laugh at, ridicule, and judge. Your comments are welcome, whether they’re kind (thumbs up!) or not (boohoo!) As much as I joke, your opinion on my work is valuable, so I thank you in advance for doing me the honour in reading what I write. *Hugs all round*

I won’t bore you with the minor details about myself, I’ll save them for the tragic, clumsy-fuelled stories that propel me through the day.  I’m really clumsy, you’ll see. I’m in my twenties, I live in the UK hence the spelling, I bake – a lot, I  write (obviously), and eat – I’m obsessed with food.  That sums me up a treat (pun intended).

I think I’ve waffled on enough now…Man, I’m on a roll! 😉